Chapter 1. Introduction

Limitations of DarGUI

- Unimplemented features of Dar: While DarGUI attempts to provide access to the most common functionality of Dar, there are many other features which are not implemented. These include:

  • Extended Attributes
  • include-from-file/exclude-from-file (-[ and -] ) options
  • Merging of archives
  • Support for the nodump option

- Opening large archives: When opening archives DarGUI reads the output from a Dar command, interprets it and displays it. As a result DarGUI can be quite slow to open archives which contain tens of thousands of files, especially on systems with older processors. Dar itself has become noticeably slower at opening archives, due to added features in version 2.5.0.

- DarGUI cannot open or create an archive if its name includes apostrophes, double quotes or other characters which have a special meaning in bash scripts. These are | & ; ( ) < > " '.

- DarGUI cannot open an archive which was created with a more recent version of dar than the version available to DarGUI. This limitation has been filed as bug #2878685 .

- When using a version of Dar older than 2.4.0 or reading archives created by versions older than this, to read the contents of an archive which is composed of more than one slice DarGUI needs to be able to access both the first and last slices, in the same folder. This makes it impossible to read the contents of an archive which has been stored, for example, on a number of CD-ROM unless it is done in the following manner: set the Slice size on the Options tab to slightly less than half of the size of your storage medium - eg 320Mb for a 650Mb CD-ROM. You can then save two slices on each disk, ensuring that the first and final slices are saved on the same disk. This limitation has been filed as bug #2840912.


At the time of writing we are aware of the following bugs, but others probably exist. If you find a bug or something that is not working as you think it should, please contact the author, Malcolm Poole, at

  1. Restore selected fails on filename with apostrophe (bug #2473539)- this is actually a DAR bug, but a workaround exists in DAR but not from within DarGUI.