DarGUI Documentation Index

Malcolm Poole <mgpoole@users.sourceforge.net>

For version 1.0 (August 2016)

DarGUI is a graphical interface to Denis Corbin's DAR backup utility. Using DarGUI you can examine the contents of dar format archive files, extract files and create new archives.

Acknowledgements: Much of this documentation is adapted from The KDar Handbook" by Johnathan K. Burchill and uses the KDE Handbook standard layout.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Restore selected fails on filename with apostrophe
2. Using DarGUI
Dar archives
Creating archives
Main options
Directory options
File options
General options
Scheduling backups
Saved settings
Viewing archive contents
Copying and reformatting archives
Restoring files and archives
Restoring archives
The File selection menu
The Restore files dialog
Isolating archive catalogs
Comparing archives against a filesystem
Testing archive integrity
Viewing and cancelling scheduled backups
The Dar database manager
User preferences
3. FAQ
4. Installation
How to obtain DarGUI